May 22, 2019

Auto-Swapping Bad Phone Numbers With Twilio and Nexmo

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Automatic Phone Number Swapping

As a marketer, poor quality numbers are bad for business. Flagged numbers make it difficult to communicate with clients and customers over the phone. You won’t be able to move your prospects through your sales funnels.

Imagine an automatic way to swap out low quality and flagged numbers. Today this is possible thanks to the latest technology. For example, integrate a service like Caller ID Reputation with carriers like Twilio and Nexmo. Then you can change corrupt numbers for good ones without any of the fuss.

Why Do You Need to Swap Flagged Numbers?

More Americans flag numbers today than ever before. Research shows that almost 5.8 million people filed complaints with the FTC about robocalls in 2018 alone. Sure, robocalls are a nuisance. Still, people sometimes flag numbers from companies like yours. You’re a legitimate organization that wants to engage with customers and clients.

Flagged Numbers Get Blocked While Dialing

You won’t be able to connect with people over the phone if you’re flagged. This block may cause a significant impact on or damage to your business. So it’s crucial to have an automatic way to swap out these “bad” numbers with brand new ones.

Several call reporting apps on the App Store and Google Play let people post numbers they think are malicious or fraudulent. It doesn’t matter if their reports are inaccurate. Some people flag calls only because they don’t recognize the number.

Every year sees an increase in the number of robocalls. There were 26.3 billion in 2017 alone. This massive influx makes it much easier these days for someone to flag or block your numbers incorrectly.

How Do Companies Work Around This?

Companies like yours, those dependent on outgoing calls, found a way to combat the above problems. They swap their “bad” numbers for new, fresh ones. If you depend on outbound calls for your business, you need to change out your numbers and swap them when they go “bad.” This vital step helps you maintain your performance levels and outbound call handling volumes.

Searching for Flagged Numbers Manually

Sometimes, you have no idea if someone has blocked your number. You might hear a dead tone but, in other cases, the number might still ring, and you’ll be none the wiser. You could go through each number and try to determine which the blocked and flagged ones. However, this is a long and laborious process. Many companies try to do this and fail.

Without the right tools, it’s almost impossible to figure out which numbers are “good” and which numbers are “bad.” You might not even have the time or resources to do of this by hand.

What’s the Solution?

There is another way to weed out low performing numbers from your databases. Automated services like Caller ID Reputation let you import all the numbers you currently use. Then the system checks them against a live database to see if they still work. You can find out about all of your flagged numbers and why someone has blocked them.

Automatically Swap Out Numbers with Caller ID Reputation

Caller ID Reputation even gives you an automatic way to swap out “bad” numbers when you integrate the service with Twilio and Nexmo. This feature lets you automate your call management efforts and save time and resources.

How Does It Work?

All you need to do is import your numbers into the our platform and have them checked. The whole process is quick and straightforward.

1) Upload List or Add Phone Numbers to Scan
2) Numbers Automatically Scan Across All Servers
3) Receive Scan Report in Your Email Instantly
4) See More Details About Scan in Dashboard

Then the system swaps out poor quality numbers in the future with Twilio and Nexmo. This service means there’s no manual work on your side and you can free up resources right away. Swapping out your numbers provides you with a significant return on your investment.

Why is This Important?

Looking for flagged and blocked numbers is not just a waste of time, but it could cost you money. Think about how many members of staff you need to scour through your call databases and check numbers. It’s not a one-time job, either. You need to check your call databases to remove any corrupt numbers. Think about what you could be spending all that labor and money on, instead.

Number Flagging is Only Getting Worse

More Americans are reporting “bad” numbers to the FTC and mobile apps for several reasons. Sometimes, people have a good reason. They are sick and tired of robocalls, after all. In other instances, number blocking happens to companies like yours, and this is having a detrimental impact on business.

You could go through your database and try and find all the flagged numbers, but this takes too much time. There is a quicker, more simple alternative. Caller ID Reputation checks all your numbers against a live database and discovers the blocked and flagged ones. Then it swaps “bad” numbers with good ones with Twilio and Nexmo, without you needing to do anything.