February 14, 2024

AT&T and TransUnion Launch First In-Network Branded Caller ID

AT&T and TransUnion Launch First In-Network Branded Caller ID

Branded Caller ID (BCID) is a sophisticated way to reach today’s skeptical consumers. Because of illegal robocalls, many people will not answer their phones unless their caller ID shows exactly who is calling. Even then, caller ID names can sometimes be spoofed, providing cover for bad actors in the industry. This issue requires creative solutions from the government and the private sector.

AT&T and TransUnion, the credit reporting agency, have partnered to create a free BCID for AT&T customers that offers outgoing calls labeled with a brand name and logo. This service doesn’t require an app and gives call recipients confidence that calls come from legitimate sources.

AT&T adheres to STIR/SHAKEN regulations, meaning the call has been verified as legitimate, so the BCID adds another layer of protection. Using this BCID service could increase your answer rate and boost your company’s sales.

Scam Calls Influence Consumer Answer Rates

Scam calls have exploded in recent years, tormenting consumers with sales offers from unethical companies. Call recipients have lost billions due to these schemes.

The problem has caused a significant change in consumer behavior. Research shows that 73% of callers will not answer an unknown call. 61% say they have received at least one call from a source pretending to be someone else.

This practice is called spoofing and has increased consumer suspicion. For instance, spoofers often deliver calls that appear local when they are not. If your company cannot prove its identity through caller ID, you are unlikely to reach many consumers. They need to see that your call is legitimate.

How Branded Caller ID Protects Consumers

Once, consumers were not afraid to answer unknown calls. People could get by without a caller ID with little inconvenience or fear of fraud. Those days are long gone. Today, so many scammers are after their money that call recipients will not risk answering an unknown or suspicious-looking call.

Branded Caller ID protects consumers in several ways. People receive the company’s official name on their caller ID, reassuring them that the caller is someone they know or have done business with previously. In addition, BCID can add the company’s logo, which thwarts even the most sophisticated spoofer.

Consumers trust branded caller IDs. 66% report that they would answer calls that displayed the company name and logo. A majority say they would pay for the service, although the AT&T service is free. The BCID system restores the greatest of company assets: consumer confidence.

Importance of Caller ID Monitoring

As consumer trust in incoming calls declines, your caller ID becomes essential for connecting with customers. Businesses must ensure their caller ID is accurate, flag-free, and unblocked when reaching out to leads or current customers. Otherwise, your answer rate will plummet along with your company’s reputation. Your business cannot succeed without directly communicating with potential and current customers.

Even with new tools like in-network caller ID, monitoring your own caller ID is essential. The industry continues to battle robocalls because government measures haven’t stopped the practice. These scammers are clever and persistent, so they find new ways to reach consumers and defraud them. Recently, scam texts have become a bigger threat, so the industry must develop new tools to stop the problem.

Device Cloud

Auditing your caller ID display between networks and devices is a crucial step you can take to safeguard your company’s reputation. The rollout of branded caller ID services gives you another essential tool to instill confidence. Caller ID Reputation’s Device Cloud tool also helps you monitor your caller ID display on real devices and networks.

Device Cloud makes monitoring your caller ID simple by capturing a screenshot of your caller ID information as it appears on consumers’ networks and devices. You can quickly ascertain whether it’s free of labels, flags, and misinformation. Since inconsistencies occur, you can also determine whether your information shows up correctly on all networks and devices. If you spot a problem, you can take immediate steps to remediate it.

Industry Breakthrough

The AT&T Branded Caller ID, created with TransUnion, is one more weapon in the fight against illegal robocalls. It promises to help consumers who are afraid to answer their phones, and it is free to the service provider’s customers.

The FCC estimates that consumers lose $3 billion per year just from the time lost to these intrusive calls. They lose around $10.5 billion more to fraud associated with these calls. The current situation simply cannot continue, but cooperation among all involved entities is essential. Stopping the scammers requires that private call providers protect consumers and not leave the work to the FCC.

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