Marketers often struggle with lead generation, in fact 42 percent say that finding a good lead generation strategy is a challenge. However, even after you start generating them, knowing what to do with them can be problematic as well…

As a marketer, you might have customer relationship management software where you keep contact details like phone numbers and email addresses. That is a good start, however, if your marketing strategies aren’t up to scratch, you could “ghost” your prospects. Meaning, your leads might not receive any communication at all.

How to Stop Ghosting Leads

Your phone calls or emails could not be reaching prospects, making it look like you’re ghosting your prospect and making your lead generation efforts worthless. Here’s how to avoid ghosting when it comes to phone and email.

Optimize Your Customer Interactions

When you make contact with a customer, make sure you collect their correct contact details. This due diligence is imperative. If someone’s phone number or email address is wrong, you could accidentally ghost them.

Whether on a form or over the phone, having the correct contact information is extremely important. Make sure reps double-check contact details when they communicate with leads. For example, they need to type out the correct phone numbers and contact names.

Sometimes customers provide the wrong details when filling out a form on your website. Improving your customer service practices should reduce the amount of bad data in your database.

Here’s the thing:

Companies in the United States believe that 25 percent of their data is inaccurate. In reality, common data errors affect 91 percent of organizations.

“The level of inaccurate data is staggering when one considers how much businesses are relying on information for business intelligence and improved customer interaction,” says Experian.

What’s the solution? Improve your lead generation strategies for better-quality data.

3 Best Lead Generation Strategies to Follow

1) Become an authority in your niche. Post authoritative, valuable content that resonates with your audience. This generates more leads and captures more customer data.

2) Use a wide range of different methods to generate leads and capture data— social media, website captures, videos, etc.

3) Use the latest tech to generate leads (email automation tools, marketing software, social media management tools, etc.)

What About Lead Nurturing?

Now you’ve captured leads, and it’s time to start nurturing them. Depending on your product or service, this can be a long process but, do it right, and the pay-off is well worth it.

Lead Nurturing Tips

  • You have many marketing touches with your leads as they progress through your sales funnel. You should confirm their contact details at every single touchpoint to avoid ghosting them.
  • Communicate with leads regularly. Not only will this improve rapport, but they are more likely to hand over their contact details.
  • Send leads valuable content in exchange for their contact details. The information might include industry news, blog posts, or special offers. This strategy is a win-win. Not only will you keep your databases updated but you can improve lead nurturing.

You don’t want to ghost your leads during the lead nurturing process. If a customer changes their phone number at any point and doesn’t tell you, you’ve lost a potential customer.

Avoid These Ghosting Mistakes

There are many ways you can accidentally ghost a lead. One of the biggest problems for you as a marketer is spam and being improperly marked as it.

Being Incorrectly Marked as Spam Email

Companies send around 14 billion spam emails every single day. Because of this, strict spam filters flag valid emails by accident. You don’t want this to happen because leads are unlikely to respond to spam emails (or even check their spam folder).

Ask your leads to add your email address to their contacts list to prevent your messages from ending up in the spam folder. This tactic can be a challenge, though, as it requires effort from the other person. Only customers engaged with your product or service at the top of the marketing funnel, might bother.

Best Practices to Avoid Becoming Email Spam

Thankfully, there are some ways you can prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder in the first place.

  • Make sure someone hasn’t sent spam via your IP address in the past. Some email service providers might block your emails if they suspect you are going to send spam messages.
  • Create engaging subject lines that resonate with your target audience. Misleading subject lines will end up in the spam folder.
  • Don’t use spam trigger words in your subject line or message. These include terms like “amazing,” “congratulations,” “click here” and “winner.” Some email providers will send messages that contain these words to a spam folder.

Talking about email, it’s a good idea to send out follow-up messages to leads and ask them to respond. Once a customer replies to your email, future messages should land in their primary inbox.

Getting Flagged on Phone Calls

Customers are becoming wary of robo-callers. This awareness makes it difficult for genuine marketers like you to engage with leads over the phone. Then there are spam blocking apps, which prevent leads from seeing your calls at all.

It’s a good idea to use a service like Caller ID Reputation, which lets you know whether anyone has flagged your numbers — and why. Without something in place, you won’t know whether your leads receive your calls.

Tips for Keeping Phone Numbers Clean

To prevent your numbers ending up in spam blocking databases, play it cool. If you come off as a bot or machine, customers will most likely flag your number. So, what should you do? Don’t contact leads too much and at the same time.

Use a Multi-Channel Approach to Lead Nurturing

Use a multi-channel approach to lead nurturing instead of contacting them solely by phone. That means you use several different mediums — phone, email, SMS, and social media — to personalize your customer campaigns.

If you ghost your leads, you’ll never convert them into bona fide customers. Improving your lead generation strategies, optimizing lead nurturing, using services like Caller ID Reputation, and using a personalized approach to marketing prevents this from happening.