October 6, 2021

6 Outbound Sales Tools Your Business Needs in 2021

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6 Essential Outbound Sales Tools in 2021

In a perfect world, all customers would come to you in person, through the internet, or via phone. The reality is a little less rosy. Your business depends on outbound sales to acquire new customers and hit your revenue goals. That means you need a robust strategy combined with the right outbound sales tools for your campaigns.

One traditional outbound strategy is cold calling—the practice of calling clients from a list of leads. This method can be successful, although it means racking up many rejections. Fortunately, cold calling is not your only choice. There are a variety of ways to conduct outbound sales.

Outbound Sales Types

Your outbound sales plan will include some of the following call types:

Business to Business (B2B)

In a B2B situation, your sales reps sell to representatives of other companies instead of to the public. These sales usually require multiple contacts between your company and representatives of the other business, with an emphasis on following up with prospects. Most of these calls are to companies that you have sold to or contacted before.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

B2C outbound sales have reps selling directly to consumers. These sales are generally for lower-priced items than those sold in B2B transactions. To be successful, B2C representatives have to place many calls each day, often appealing to emotion and logic to close their sales.

Lead Responses

Reps make these calls in response to consumers who have filled out a form, read a blog, or downloaded certain information. These outbound sales calls differ from cold calls since the consumer has expressed a level of interest in your product.

Cold Calls

Cold calls are based on lists containing the names and numbers of potential clients. The people on the lists may not have expressed an interest in your product, which means representatives have a harder time closing these sales.

6 Essential Outbound Sales Tools

Your company needs the right outbound sales tools to maximize your success. Even skilled communicators need help to improve their numbers. Following are 6 essential tools for outbound calling campaigns.

1. Dialers

Auto-dialers are arguably one of the most important tools for outbound sales. Manual dialing is time-consuming and tedious. A good outbound auto dialer alleviates a lot of excess work for an agent and increases the rate of contact engagement. The more contacts reached the more sales for your company.

Here are three of the top auto-dialers:

  • Call Tools: A powerful option that increases contacts and promotes lead relationships.
  • Voiptime Cloud: Gives you the ease and storage of the cloud In one platform.
  • Adversus: You can customize this software by using its advanced features.

Remember, you need to configure your dialer correctly. A poor configuration can lead to higher rates of flagged or blocked calls.

2. CRM Software

CRM software is another invaluable tool that helps to automate many of the after-call processes for sales reps. These programs can also provide a wealth of information for your reps before, during, and after a call. Your staff will be better informed and spend less time on documentation. That means they will reach more prospects and close more sales.

The following are three of the top CRM systems:

  • Hubspot: An innovative program that is excellent for small businesses. The available add-ons make it easy to customize for SMBs.
  • Salesforce: Perhaps the best-known CRM solution, Salesforce is prized for its sophisticated technology and ease of use.
  • Zoho: An affordable CRM with effective features and easy integration with other Zoho products.

The right customer relationship management technology adds value to any outbound sales campaign.

3. KPI Monitoring

KPI monitoring is a must for any outbound campaign. You need to analyze the campaign’s effectiveness and the performance of your sales staff. KPI analysis works to identify areas that need improvement throughout the course of a campaign. KPI analysis can also help you organize and segment your audiences for campaign organization.

The following are three of the top KPI monitoring tools:

  • Scoro: This easily integrable program provides easy KPI management on one or more dashboards.
  • Datapine: This program lets you manage your KPIs in one agile platform.
  • InetSoft: Its dashboard offers impressive scalability.

KPI software lets you monitor and adjust your outbound sales campaigns for greater success.

4. Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is another essential tool for your outbound sales campaign. It can ensure that your agents abide by ethical dialing practices and alert you to the need for more training. Your managers can also use call monitoring to fine-tune your campaign scripts if customers are not responding to them.

The following are three of the top call monitoring tools:

  • Twilio Flex: An affordable and scalable choice for call centers.
  • Zendesk: A versatile choice for outbound sales campaigns.
  • Talkdesk: A platform especially suited for larger call departments.

Call monitoring programs allow you to quickly address issues with any of your outbound sales campaigns.

5. Phone Number Monitoring

In the era of call blocking, phone number monitoring can make or break your sales efforts. More and more frequently, businesses are seeing their legitimate numbers receive flags, which inevitably lowers your contacts and sales numbers. When selecting outbound sales tools, your call center should include phone number monitoring software.

In addition, an incorrectly configured dialer can lead to more flagged numbers. If your sales representatives dial a number more than 100 times a day, carriers may label it as spam.

To complicate matters, customers can also flag phone numbers if they do not think they are legitimate. Sometimes an irritated customer can flag a number for no good reason. High rates of call flagging may show that your agents and lists are underperforming.

6. Enhanced Caller ID

Enhanced caller ID services lend credibility to your company’s outgoing calls. While there is no set standard for enhanced caller ID, most services display your business name, a logo, and the department name. Consumers are more likely to answer phone calls that provide this information.

While most carriers offer enhanced caller ID services, they might not display your business information the same, so you should monitor this service carefully.

The following are three of the top enhanced caller ID services:

T-Mobile is currently working with other companies to roll out Rich Call Data. This service would use headers from the STIR/SHAKEN framework to relay caller ID information. Rich Call Data could be a more reliable way to transmit accurate caller ID information across different carriers and prevent unfair flagging.

Protecting Your Reputation with Outbound Sales

Perhaps the best outbound sales tool is your company’s reputation. Despite changes in the industry, customers are still often bothered by unsolicited calls. Often, these consumers block business calls erroneously out of pure frustration.

To reduce the number of blocked calls, make sure your agents are abiding by ethical dialing practices. In addition, monitoring your phone numbers’ reputation frequently can help identify any numbers that may have received flags or blocks.

Giving your agents the best dialing tools possible along with providing ongoing training and support will enhance your sales numbers and overall productivity.

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