December 8, 2021

6 Factors That Influence Your Phone Number Integrity

Any business that places outbound calls needs to think about phone number integrity. After decades of frustration, consumers have stopped answering calls from unknown numbers. Many of them also use call-blocking apps to protect themselves from robocalls and scams. Unfortunately, this can backfire and hurt legitimate businesses that don’t make phone number integrity a priority.

6 Factors That Influence Phone Number Integrity

You can start improving your connection rate by maintaining your numbers’ reputations. The following factors play significant roles in phone number integrity, so you will want to pay close attention to them.

1. Caller ID (CNAM)

Caller ID offers all of the information most consumers need to decide whether they will answer your call. They don’t usually answer calls from unregistered numbers. Even fewer people will answer when your number has been flagged by a carrier or call-blocking app.

Make sure you buy clean, unflagged numbers. Then, use CNAM registration to help prevent inaccurate labels and flags. This rather simple step should make it easier to maintain your number’s reputation, which will help you connect with leads and customers.

Ideally, you should use enhanced caller ID that includes your business’s name and logo as well as the name of the department and person placing the call.

2. Phone Number Flags

Phone number flags help consumers avoid annoying and potentially harmful calls. The FCC gets more complaints about robocalls than anything else, so it’s clear that people hate getting interrupted by unsolicited, unwanted calls.

Flags can get attached to your phone number in two ways:

  • A carrier notices that your number places a high number of calls per hour or day.
  • Enough people report your number to call-blocking apps that the applications add a flag to warn others.

Once your number gets flagged, it will ruin your outreach plan. At best, you will quickly learn that the number has been tarnished and you can pull it from your rotation.

3. Intent Labels

Intent labels can help you reach consumers when used properly. Your phone number integrity suffers, though, when smartphone apps and carriers add inaccurate labels to it.

You want helpful intent labels such as:

  • Charity
  • Survey
  • Informational
  • Account Services
  • Charity
  • Nonprofit

People often answer calls coming from numbers with these labels.

Labels that prevent people from answering include:

  • Scam Likely
  • High Risk
  • Potential Spam
  • Potential Fraud
  • Fraud Risk

You can dispute inaccurate intent and warning labels. The process takes time, though. It’s much better to avoid labels that make it harder for you to connect with consumers.

Caller ID Reputation provides screenshots from real mobile devices, so you can see the specific labels carriers add to your numbers.

4. Attestation Rating

Since the rollout of STIR/SHAKEN, attestation ratings have become an important part of phone number integrity. Attestation ratings describe whether the STIR/SHAKEN system can authenticate your call’s origin. The process makes it much harder for criminals to spoof numbers. There are three rating tiers:

  • A (Full Attestation) – The highest rating that assures calls come from the number that appears on caller ID.
  • B (Partial Attestation) – The carrier cannot completely authenticate your number’s origin.
  • C (Gateway Attestation) – The carrier cannot authenticate a number’s origin, often because calls come from outdated systems or from overseas.

You want A-level attestation to improve connection rates and maintain integrity for your phone numbers.

5. Calling Habits

Your business’s calling habits have a direct impact on your phone number integrity. Some behaviors, such as dialing too frequently from the same number, will attract the attention of carriers that want to protect their customers. If you dial more than 100 times per day from a number, you can expect its reputation to suffer.

Following ethical dialing practices will help maintain number integrity. Some of the most important aspects of ethical dialing include:

  • Using legitimate lead lists of people who have expressed interest in what you offer
  • Adopting enhanced caller ID to help contacts decide whether they want to answer
  • Training call agents to use empathy when talking to consumers

Additionally, keep in mind some of the most common reasons that consumers flag nuisance calls, such as:

  • Calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. local time
  • Failing to identify who you are and why you’re calling
  • Dialing numbers on the Do Not Call list
  • Treating people rudely

You should also have an in-house list of numbers that have asked you not to call anymore. Cross-reference your lead lists with these numbers so you don't annoy people and increase your risk of getting flagged.

6. Federal and Industry Compliance

Your business must comply with federal and industry rules. Doing so will help you avoid fines and other penalties. It will also lower the chance that people report your numbers.

The most important rules to follow come from:

  • The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA)
  • The National Do Not Call Registry (DNC)

You might need to comply with additional rules depending on what industry you work in.

Be Diligent With Phone Number Integrity

Your phone number integrity can get damaged even when you follow best practices. Flags and negative labels will make it nearly impossible for your call agents to connect with leads and existing customers. It doesn’t take long before a number’s negative reputation hurts your customer service, brand reputation, and revenue.

Caller ID Reputation makes it easy for you to maintain number integrity by alerting you when numbers get labeled or flagged. You get screenshots from real mobile devices to show you what consumers see when you call them. You can also monitor your numbers throughout the day to spot irregularities associated with flagged numbers.

Make sure your business’s outreach plans meet their full potential by keeping a close eye on your numbers.

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