April 12, 2023

6 Call Management Tips to Boost Your Dialing Reputation

6 Call Management Tips to Boost Your Dialing Reputation

Maintaining a positive outbound dialing reputation is increasingly difficult in the era of robocalls and call-blocking apps. Today, consumers are more likely to flag nuisance calls or calls they simply don’t want to receive.

With this in mind, proper dialing habits are paramount to outbound success. Consider these six call management tips to help your call center boost your call management dialing reputation.

1. Data Hygiene for Lists

Accurate dialing lists are essential to successful outbound campaigns. Data hygiene refers to the process of cleaning up data to keep it accurate and organized. Working with inaccurate data or “dirty” data can mean incomplete, inaccurate, or inconsistent information. In turn, this means wasted time for your agents.

The recently proposed legislation in the DO NOT CALL Act may make this even more critical for contact centers in the near future. The goal of this legislation is to make stricter penalties for illegal robocalls. Luckily, there are many ways your call center can improve your data hygiene. Scrubbing call lists and updating your CRM system to improve data hygiene are just a few ways to enhance your list quality, thereby improving your call management dialing reputation.

2. Dialing Hygiene

Your dialing hygiene is also an essential component in boosting your call management dialing reputation. When placing outbound calls, ensure your call practices are ethical and that your contact center agents use empathy when contacting customers. Adhering to a strict set of standards and following industry best practices will help boost your reputation and thus, your overall success. This is an important step in building trust with customers who may have been ignoring your calls.

3. Caller ID Registration

CNAM registration is an important step for every call center to ensure Caller ID accuracy. After all, your Caller ID could determine whether a customer answers your call or not. Consumers want to know if a caller is reputable with verified caller ID information. CNAM registration data is part of public telephony that appears when a customer receives a call. Registering is an important component of building trust when making outbound calls.

With Rich Call Data (RCD), this step has become even more imperative than ever. RCD has the potential to revolutionize how caller ID information is displayed. This technology is currently in testing, so now is the time to get prepared.

4. Phone Number Monitoring

Your caller ID may not appear consistently across carriers and devices. By monitoring your caller ID for accuracy, you can keep tabs on how customers see your incoming calls. This is essential to ensure customers don’t see flags on your phone numbers, which could potentially be devastating to the success of your outbound campaign.

Utilizing a reliable call monitoring system allows your call center to find out if spoofing may be damaging your reputation and help increase answer rates for your campaigns.

5. Achieving Higher Attestation

Your call center’s attestation rating is a crucial component of your call management dialing reputation. An attestation rating conveys the validity of your call, ensuring the call’s origin is from a reputable network. In modern dialing, it’s important to work with trusted networks and partners to ensure your calls are connecting properly. 

Cutting corners, using LCR tactics, or working with less reputable networks could lead to lower attestation ratings. In turn, this could affect the way your calls connect. Attestation ratings are divided into three categories, A through C. Your call center should aim for an “A rating” which indicates carriers are responsible for originating calls, have pre-existing relationships with the caller, and can verify the relationship between the caller and the number dialed from.

6. Call Blocking Redress

While following ethical dialing habits, compliance standards, and data hygiene, it’s still possible your numbers will be flagged or blocked. If this happens, your campaign efforts can take a serious blow. In these cases, knowing how to redress blocked calls with carriers is essential to repairing your phone number reputation.

Your contact center can redress flags by communicating with the carriers or analytics engines that issue them. Caller ID Reputation can be used to redress your numbers for you, as an optional add-on to your annual plan. In some cases, the issue may need to be reported to the FTC.

Improving Your Call Management

In 2023, your call management behavior directly effects your dialing reputation. To bolster the success of your outbound dialing campaigns, it’s vital that customers see your call as a valid, reputable call worth answering. Using these 6 management tips and Caller ID Reputation software, your call center can boost your dialing reputation in no time.

Want to learn more about using Caller ID Reputation at your call center? Speak with a rep to learn more today.