November 16, 2018

5 Tips Guaranteed To Keep Call Center Agents Running Smoothly

Running a thriving call center can bring tremendous benefits to your organization. Customers are the lifeblood of nearly every industry. So, a dedicated team of call center agents handling all inbound and outbound interactions brings a level of service that not all companies offer. However, it's essential to ensure that your call center is operating happily and efficiently to maximize its value.

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5 Ways to Keep Calling Agents Busy

Here are five key things that keep call center teams motivated and continuously producing results.

1) Avoid Micromanaging

Every good manager wants to help their team succeed. It's essential to avoid a common mistake when guiding and coaching your employees - micromanaging. Micromanaging can be a very damaging habit to form and lead to rebellious and unmotivated teams.

Micromanagement an employee can have more negative side effects than positive. Not developing naturally in a position, micromanaged employees are less productive, more stressed, and likely to feel unappreciated. In fact, in a recent study, 69% of employees that feel micromanaged said that they have considered changing jobs.

2) Provide Continuous Training

Many company cultures adopt a "learn as you go" methodology when it comes to employee training and development. This method is especially the case when working in larger call center environments. However, you should train and educating employees throughout the year. By spending the extra time explaining products and services, your employees are more effective in their roles.

Whether in an inbound or outbound call center, your employees are your customers' first interaction. If they aren't adequately prepared to answer questions, it can be damaging to your brand. Cultivate happy call center agents by providing thorough training and support, not only in the first weeks but regularly throughout the length of their employment.

3) Supply Updated Tools and Equipment

Modern-day call centers have changed significantly over the years. Gone are the days of paper Rolodexes and manual dialers. Now, advancements in technology have made call centers an extraordinarily efficient and productive aspect of any business. Managers are wise to take advantage of the tools now available to keep their teams running at maximum efficiency. Things like updated computers, automatic dialing systems, and virtual training programs are crucial.

A CMS (Call Management System) can provide you with detailed analysis and reporting. This information lets you know about every aspect of your call center. When used correctly it even helps you make insightful decisions about your organization.

It's also essential to verify the integrity of your phone numbers over time when utilizing outbound services. Companies like Caller ID Reputation provide call center software that tracks the health of your phone numbers. They also give you the tools to prevent caller spoofing and ensure your company is meeting FTC compliance.

4) Show Respect and Appreciation

It's essential for managers to lead by example when striving to achieve a positive working environment. When call center agents are happy with their positions, the positivity becomes contagious and fosters a more productive office. Managers support this type of environment by actively looking for ways to respect and appreciate their staff. Many times, this begins by merely listening to the concerns of agents and their thoughts on the company.

Employees knowing that their opinion matters, means they maintain the satisfaction and motivation to complete their everyday tasks. During performance reviews, you should look for ways to incorporate positive reinforcement in development training. You'll find that this tactic is effective when training employees, and significantly reduces employee turnover rates.

5) Promote From Within

In many companies, call centers have a higher turnover rate than other departments. Why is this? It could be because many people understand that there are only so many roles available when managing sales and support calls over the phone. However, high turnover rates don't need to be the norm in your office. By promoting from within, you can provide more professional growth options for your current employees.

When new positions become available at your organization, make it a point to allow all of your employees to apply. This culture shows your employees that you value their long-term employment with the company. It also shows them that you are actively looking for ways to motivate them to stick around. Managers should look for opportunities to empower their employees and make advancements in their personal and professional development. During a performance review, it's vital to take the time and discuss short and long-term goals of the employee. This discussion shows them that they can advance their career over time.

Keeping your call center happy and productive provides many benefits to both your organization and the employees that work there. Implementing these five tips means you'll be sure to maximize the value of your call center staff by creating a more positive and energetic workforce.

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