What Do Phone Number Flags Actually Mean?
January 12, 2022

What Do Phone Number Flags Actually Mean?

Phone number flags have the potential to ruin your business reputation. But how do numbers actually get flagged? Understanding what flags on your phone numbers actually mean can help improve your dialing reputation.

13 Crucial Statistics in the State of Telecom
January 5, 2022

13 Crucial Stats on the State of Telecom Today

Robocalls have lowered consumer confidence, especially in answering unknown calls. Throughout 2021, a variety of factors have affected the telecom space. These are some key trends and statistics you should be aware of for your contact center.

What Flagged Numbers Mean with T-Mobile Sprint Merger
December 22, 2021

What the T-Mobile Sprint Merger Means for Flagged Numbers

T-Mobile, after completing their merger with Sprint, has seen their market share improving over the past year. Seeking to provide 5G for all, T-Mobile is expanding their infrastructure. But how does this affect your business?

6 Factors That Influence Phone Number Integrity
December 8, 2021

6 Factors That Influence Your Phone Number Integrity

Ensuring your calls connect during your outbound campaigns is imperative. By maintaining phone number integrity, you can help to protect your business' reputation while also improving your connection rates.

4 Steps to Enhance Call Connection Rates
November 24, 2021

4 Steps to Enhance Call Connection Rates in Your Contact Center

Maintaining reasonable connection rates is imperative in a outbound dialing. Following compliance guidelines is a good start, but your contact center can do more to improve call connections. These tips can help your contact center go above and beyond.